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A fun way to see this: slow-maxxing is not less effective or efficient if the "normal" work around it is high quality. Kinda like a barbell strategy of sorts, mix of hyper-relaxed and hyper-genuine activities. Work deep, play deep. Weirdly enough most EA people fails to do this well, therefore they whilst following the "cheems mindset" fails to follow their intention.

Here are some example articles on the issue:

- https://dwarkeshpatel.com/barbell-strategies

- https://alima.substack.com/p/midwits-and-the-office

- https://sachink.substack.com/p/midwits-and-meta-contrarianism

- https://kadavy.net/blog/posts/barbell-strategy

- https://www.10ktom.com/post/barbell-strategy

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Love this !

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